Evota CD55AB

Sub-screen roaming
Each window can float over the background screen and show on any position in the big background screen.

Window zooming
Each window screen can be zoomed in or out freely, moreover, compensated by unique video processing algorithms, the image quality has less degradation. No restriction when doing zoom in operation, while in zoom out operation the screen can be enlarged to its maximum size which fill the entire background screen.

Flexible split
Any input signal can be split into any number of outputs, multiple outputs fully sync, can be configured to be non-scaled or scaled

One sub-window can display on top of another sub-window, so-called "Picture in Picture" function. Sub-windows are isolated from each other and each can be moved across the border of a larger window, and the layout of all windows can be arranged flexibly and freely.

Signal black border erasing / cropping
The device can not only erase the signal black borders of analog video signal, but also crop and cut the high-resolution digital signal. So the processor have the perfect solution to the unwanted black borders in analog video signal caused by pixel sampling (especially the non standard camera output signals), and also have more abundant window control methods.

Seamlessly switching in real time
HD signal processing system based on internal hardware ensures that two or multiple signal sources can be seamlessly switched in real time.

Scan line and refresh rate doubling

Device has scan line and refresh rate doubling function, the video signal scan line or refresh rate can be doubled to enhance the display quality. With the scan line or refresh rate doubling processing scheme, different input signals with different resolutions can be unified to the same resolution at output, which enhances screen overall quality greatly.

EDID configuration management

Supports EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) read and modification, customization of display port input resolution (Max: 8Kx4K). This improves the compatibility of large screen display device greatly; so the device output signal can be standard or non-standard resolutions that various applications may require.

Model Evota CD55AB
Input Card and Signal Format Supported Mix with various input cards capable of many and different video formats, allows for DVI-M, HDMI, Displayport, VGA, DVI, DualLink DVI, SDI, CVBS, HDBaseT, YPbPr/YCbCr, IP, fiber signal sources.

DVI-M input is compatible with any format in HDMI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, Cvbs range via passive adapter;

Displayport 1.2/HDMI 2.0 input allows for 4K@60Hz and other self-defined resolutions;

Displayport 1.1/HDMI 1.4b/Duallink DVI allows for 4K@30Hz and other self-defined resolutions.

Max Num. of Input Cards 3 cards/1.5U; 9 cards /3U;19 cards /8U;39 cards /12U;39 cards /18U;72 cards /24U
Output Card and Signal Format Supported Support DVI-I, HDMI, HDMI 4K, Duallink DVI and HDBaseT.
Max Num. of Output Cards 2 cards/1.5U; 5 cards /3U;10 cards /8U;20 cards /12U;20 cards /18U;40 cards /24U
Video Processing Capability of Controller 1.Support flexible split feature.
2.Support window PIP mode.
3.Support window zooming feature.
4.Support sub screen Roaming.
5.Support Pixel to Pixel Splicing.
6.Support 0-360 degree rotation.
7.Seamless switching in real time.
Control Specification
Network Control RJ-45 X1,adaptive for cable up10M/100M, open API
Serial Port Control RS-232 X 2, can be controlled by the 3rd part device as switcher or Screen.
Panel Control Support visual touch pad and real-time display (optional)
Electrical Specifications and Reliability
Power Supply AC 100~240V / 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Working Temperature 0—70℃
Working Humidity 15-85%
Operating System No Operating System, Pure hardware
Startup Time Less than 3 seconds
Weight Based on the real configuration
Accessories AC Power cable, RS232 serial port cable, network cable with RJ45 plug, Software CD