Video Wall Processor

Evota 4K High Performance Video Wall Processor

Evota UHD video wall processor is high performance video/image processing system adopted pure hardware wire speed architecture. With powerful signal processing ability, it is capable of multiple HD/UHD image/video signal sources capturing, real-time high resolution digital signal processing, and complex image conversion functions.

This video wall processor adopts modular I/O video card and can mix with different format cards, the processor can receive commonly multiple signals such as HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/Cvbs, and also UHD 4K signals as Displayport / HDMI/ Duallink DVI, to achieve floating sub-window in high-resolution, roaming, zooming in applications, it is compatible with all sorts of PC input native and self-defined resolution, and also fulfill non-standard output resolution self-defined and optimization.

Product Line-up

Evota CD55AB