Visual Presenter
A compact wall-mount visualizer designed for classroom to project paper documents and other objects upon the Interactive Touch Display screen.

Best-In-Class Technical Performance

Intelligent cut edge correction, auto focus, merging, bar code recognition, two-dimensional code reading, watermark, PDF function, video function Image contrast: support multiple image split screen contrast, up to 64 split screen image. Each split screen can be customized to extract the booth image, and in the split screen to write, draw, add comments, etc., support for single-screen, with the screen to enlarge, reduce, rotate, annotation and other functions”

Big Viewing Experience

Available in 55``, 65``, 70``, 75``, 86`` & 98``

Beautiful Picture

Ultra HD display technology

Rich Audio

Full range high fidelity audio

Intuitive 20 Points Of Touch

20 point multi-touch interface

True Interactive Experience

Infinite possibilities with Android OS

Integrated Software Suite

Use our integrated software or choose your own

Product Line-up


Compact size: Foldable A4 document platform · Durable aluminum casing · Anti-theft lock