Evota DL-2108I

Evota Digital Podium is a complete solution for any classroom, boardroom / training room and Auditorium. It has a built-in sound system (amplifier, Gooseneck Mic wireless microphone, etc..)  and can be interfaced with all multimedia devices and facilities that the Presenter might employ as teaching or communication tools. Sate of the Art controller allows for the control of different sources and supports a true plug & play function.21.5”  Interactive  monitor allows the presenter to manage contents, notes, and materials separate from what is being presented.

Type of Electronic Lectern Processor Based
Type of Chassis/ Frame Metallic
Mount Tupe Floor Mounted With Wheels
Material of Chassis Polymer Coated CRCA Steel Sheet
Thickness of Enclosure (mm) 1.6 mm(Min) CRCA Sheet
Screwless Chasis Yes
Adequate Space for Additional Devices Yes
Drawers / Cabinets Yes
If yes, Lockable Yes
Display Available
Display Size (inches) 21 to 22
Display Type LED
Screen Resolution (Pixles) 1920 X 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:09
Tilt Screen Yes
If yes, Tilt Mechanism Motorized
Pre-Build Housing Yes
Touch Support Available
If yes,Touch Type Resistive
Stylus Yes
Stylus Type Battery/ Power Operated
Antiglare Yes
Scratch Resistant Yes
Vandal Resistant Screen Yes
Brightness (NITS) Minimum 250
BIS Registration Number Under CRS for Display NA
Processor Make Intel
Processor Series Intel Core i3
Processor configuration I-3/7100, 3.2GHz
Operating System (Preloaded) Windows 10
Antivirus with one year liscense Available
RAM Memory(Gb) 4
Storage/HDD (GB) 1024
Built-in Standard Keyboard Available
Built-in Mouse Available
Visualiser Available
Total Pixels (Mega Pixel) NA
Zoom Functionality Available
Zoom NA
Frame Rate (fps) 30
Shooting Area NA
Focus Automatic
Resolution (Pixel) NA
Internal Memory (Gb) 0
Remote Control Available
White Balance Automatic
VGA Port Not-Available
HDMI Not-Available
Audio Port Not-Available
SD Card Slot Not-Available
USB 2 1
USB 3 Not-Available
LAN Not Available
Optical Disk Drive Compatibility Yes
Inbuilt Speakers Available
Number of Speakers 2
Wattage of Each Speaker (Watt) 50
Central Control Panel Available
Gooseneck Mic 1
Wireless Mic 1
Handheld Mic 1
Wireless Reciever 0
Amplifier Available
Amplifier Wattage (Watt) 100
Usb 2 2
Usb 3 1
VGA Ports 1
HDMI Ports 1
Video Pin 1
RJ 45 1
Power Backup Min 30 Minutes UPS Supplied
Cooling System Available
Maximum Power Consumption (Watt) 120
Operating Temperature Range (Degree C) May-45
Storage Temperature (Degree C) -10 to 55
Operating Humidity (RH) (%) 40 Deg at 90% RH non condensing
Storage Humidity (RH) (%) 90
Overall Dimensions (cm x cm x cm) 66.8X63.5X115(LXWXH)
Weight (Kg) 140
BIS Registration Number for Rest of the Components NA
On site OEM Warranty in years 3